BrainTap / HRV (Heart Rate Variability)

Help rebalance your nervous system to reduce physical and mental concerns

When it comes to preserving good health and taking care of the body, dental care is often not fully understood. Only taking care of your teeth and gums isn’t enough as your oral health is deeply connected with your overall well-being. Therefore, there is a need for a groundbreaking approach to dental health for the best outcome. Our approach includes Heart Rate Variability (HRV) & BrainTap devices, integral parts of our comprehensive wellness program. Through this, we can help our patients to think better, sleep better, perform better, and live better, all while enhancing their oral health.

HRV- An Integrative Approach to Dental Health

HRV is gaining popularity in the healthcare industry due to its versatile benefits. HRV determines the time between each heartbeat to evaluate the nervous system’s efficiency. At the same time, it regulates response to stress, anxiety, and other internal issues. With the help of HRV, we can assess the changes in our patients’ heart rates and suggest proper measures to regulate their systems effectively.

BrainTap- Comprehensive Wellness Solution

BrainTap is a groundbreaking device that combines light and sound therapy for optimal stress and anxiety relief. It helps patients dive into deep states of relaxation, enabling deep healing for the body and mind. At the same time, it also promotes increased clarity, productivity and can help in addressing sleep issues which are closely connected with your overall health, including oral health.

How We Use HRV and BrainTap for Better Oral Health

We integrate HRV and BrainTap devices into a comprehensive wellness program designed to help you achieve better dental health. We are able to take notes on wellness through HRV recording. From this record, we can identify the patterns and prescribe a personalized treatment plan for regulating the nervous system as a whole. In our office and at home, you can use the BrainTap device, which will promote a deep state of relaxation, reducing anxiety and enhancing productiveness.

The Benefits of Using HRV and BrainTap with Our Dental Practice

Integrating HRV and BrainTap devices in our comprehensive wellness program has numerous proven benefits offered to our patients. Studies have shown that using light therapy in addition to traditional dental therapies can help improve oral pain, stress, anxiety, and sleep-related issues. Patients with dental anxiety, those undergoing complex dental procedures, and people struggling with sleep disorders can all particularly benefit from these new, integral technologies.

At Imagine Health, we genuinely care about our patients’ overall well-being and want to provide you with the best possible comprehensive dental care plan. That is why we are thrilled to offer HRV and BrainTap, innovative devices that can help you on the path to better health. Our team is excited at the possibilities and welcome you to book a consultation today. Let’s work together to optimize your dental health by embracing these revolutionary technologies with open arms.

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Dr. Carver is the best Dentist I have ever been to. Just about everyone I know gets nervous when they go to the Dentist. You can be sure you will feel comfortable at this office. Very professional, they very friendly. Dr. Carver is gentle and she explains what she is going to do before she does it. It puts you more at ease. The cleanings are great!! Beth is Awesome!!! I highly recommend this Dentist Office to everyone!!


Great staff, you don’t wait long for your appointment. I highly recommend Beth for the dental hygienist, she’s very friendly, talkative, and really cares about your dental wellbeing. She’s also great with my kids, and there’s a waiting room for the kids with lots of books and interesting toys.


A patient for over ten years and would not consider any other provider. The staff is consistently helpful, courteous and timely. Dr. Carver will accommodate your schedule when a problem is evident. There is a sense of urgency to remedy the issue. Care and comfort is first and foremost and any and all questions are immediately addressed.


What more can be said? Caring, professional, clean, fast, friendly, extremely knowledgeable, painless( nearly), utilizing today’s technology. All of the employees make you feel that you are important and deserving of their complete attention. I’ve had a lot of dental work done over the years and Doc Carver and her people are far above the rest. Thanks a lot.


I’ve been going to Dr Carver’s office for the past two years, and can’t say enough good things about them. The entire staff is kind, gentle and caring. Their appreciation for alternative approaches and detoxing is so refreshing. Highly recommended.


I have had several bad dentists in the past. On a visit to my daughter, a cap on my front tooth broke off. Dr Carver repaired it very well, still holding. We moved into the area and I made an appointment with Dr Carver, she has made me forget about the bad ones. I’m very satisfied with the work she has done, she fixed several poorly done work performed by my previous Dentist.


When I described to Rachaele my 6 weeks of severely congested ears that had led me to near-deafness, I didn’t expect her, a dentist, to have an answer for me. But she did. After two ozone treatments, the left ear is back online and the right ear is beginning to clear. It’s returning me to pleasurable engagement with life when nothing else had helped me. I am so grateful.


Dr. Carver was wonderful. She is very knowledgeable. Her facility is state of the art. The reception area is clean and welcoming. The receptionist was friendly. Very pleased with my switch to this doctor.


Very professional and up to date with latest dental practices. Everybody is always pleasant. As good an experience as you can get going to the dentist!


Carver Family Dentistry is a pleasant atmosphere , with a staff full of professionals. That takes care of any dental needs.


Welcoming and very professional. Dr. Carver and her staff are top notch and utilize up to date technology. Love the appt reminders!!


I have on my side a 9″ surgical scar from kidney Cancer 4 years ago that always bothered me to the point I had to buy a abdomen strap since the surgerie. So when Dr. Carver introduced to me Ozone Therapy I was sceptical at first but after the first treatment and thought that maybe it was psycho somatic but when I received my second session I was less pre-occupied with the pain. As for the third session I was able to moe my lawn for the first time in nearly five years Without the Adomen Strap! So now after the forth session im not feeling much of the pain I’ve had to deal with All These Years! Seeing that Her primary profession is Dentistry its incredible that all the Drs I’ve been to None of them offered help and I was told that it’s what I’ll have to Deal with and I should be happy that I didn’t die of cancer.
You can’t loose, at least Give it a Try!


Dr Carver is the best dentist that I have found in my 84 years on this planet. The office is efficient and courteous.


Love this practice. Very responsive to my needs and the staff is all friendly, concerned and helpful. Would definitely recommend.


My hygienist always asks about my health, diet and happiness with them. She then explains methods known to help.


Fairly new patient… Absolutely wonderful group of women. Very knowledgeable, friendly and professional.


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