Maintaining your oral health is an important component of  your overall health.  There has been a lot of research linking oral disease to a number of other diseases including cardiac disease and diabetes.  Your first step is to have regular checkups. The ADA recommends cleanings every 6 months if you’ve never had gum problems or more frequently depending on your specific oral disease risk.  


At your initial cleaning visit, you will have:

  • X-rays: A full mouth series of 18 xrays unless this was done in the past five years.  If a current FMX is available then only 4 xrays of the posterior teeth will be taken and any other necessary to properly diagnose and treatment plan
  • A clinical exam which will document your dentition, including current fillings, new cavities, current bone levels, bleeding state, inflammation.  This data will be processed to give you a risk assessment for new cavities and gum disease.
  • At this visit you will also get an oral cancer evaluation using the VELSCOPE machine. We use a new technology that can detect any changes in the oral mucosa before any visual sign is detected.  This can greatly reduce the mortality from oral cancer which is usually detected far too late. Every year the oral cancer screening will be repeated.
  • If your gums are in good health a cleaning will be done followed by a polish and review of proper brushing and flossing techniques
  • If there is evidence of bone loss, significant bleeding or much tartar, then we will treatment plan a deep cleaning (scaling and root planing) which will be done at the next visit.
  • A complete examination by the dentist to check all areas of the teeth and gums

At your six month cleaning, you will receive a cleaning and polish.  Once a year 4 bitewing x-rays will be taken. 

Our hygienists are very highly skilled and educated on all the new up-to-date technology and research. Their skill set includes:
  • Scaling and root planing which requires numbing of one side of the mouth and removal of tartar below the gums
  • Application of preventive materials to teeth (e.g., sealants and fluorides)
  • After Dr.Carver removes decay and preps the tooth, our hygienist are skilled at restoring the cavity
  • Counseling patients on good nutrition and it's impact on oral health and overall health
  • Application of gaseous ozone treatment to incipient carious lesions, periodontal pockets and tooth sensitivity. Ozone offers a simple adjunctive therapy for managing periodontal disease along side conventional methods
  • Application of Arestin antibiotic to periodontal pocket to help reduce the prevalence and severity of the periodontal disease

Oral Health Made Easy: