• There are complete and partial dentures that can be used to replace missing teeth.  Dentures are the most cost effective manner to replace teeth, however they are removable and require multiple adjustments.
  • Complete dentures can be done in several ways.  The ideal process involves removing all teeth in an arch and allowing healing for 8 weeks.  After this time, two types of impressions will be made, followed by a bite registration, a try-in and then delivery.  Approximately one week will separate all appointments making the completion of the process 5-6 weeks.  Many people refuse to be without teeth for 8 weeks, therefore we can do immediate dentures.  The above steps will occur but the removal of teeth only occurs once the dentures are made and are ready to be inserted.  The drawback of immediate dentures is that the gums and bone will resorb and change and therefore the dentures will need to be adjusted more frequently and eventually redone completely in one year.
  • When considering complete dentures it is important to understand that upper dentures work very well due to natural suction of the palate, however, due to muscles and the tongue, lower complete dentures are never stable unless supported by implants.  Therefore, we attempt to keep some lower teeth is possible to make a more stable lower partial denture.