This campaign consists of 2 health screening questionnaires, a free nutrition assessment and a 30 minute detoxifying ionic foot bath!
Each month everyone who completes all 4 steps will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

Sleep apnea questionnaire:

Did you know that Sleep Apnea affects over 70% of Americans, even children?  We often think of sleep apnea as the loud snoring gasping for air, but there are more mild forms that also greatly affect our overall health.  People who suffer from Sleep Apnea are more likely to have heart disease, diabetes, heart burn and other chronic ailments.
Children whose teeth are worn down and those that snore or even wet the bed may be suffering from sleep apnea.  Our simple questionnaire will highlight potential symptoms of this treatable condition. In addition we will provide good sleep hygiene tips and alternatives to CPAP machines.

Reflux Questionnaire

Reflux or heartburn causes many people daily aggravation and many people take antacid medication to alleviate symptoms. However, these medications have been proven to weaken digestion further and eventually leads to multiple food allergies, lower GI problems, fibromyalgia, autoimmune conditions and brain fog. Many people can have reflux without the sensation of heartburn. 

Symptoms: constant clearing of throat, phlegm

Nutrition Assessment: 

IDLife has a FREE online nutrition assessment which takes into consideration your past medical history, current medications and symptoms and designs a personalized vitamin/mineral/supplement plan to help you achieve optimal health. The specific tablets are conveniently packaged in morning and evening packs to ensure that maximum absorption occurs.  GO to to take the assessment now.

Detoxifying Ionic Foot Cleanse

We have purchased the IonCleanse professional foot bath that "purifies the body more effectively and faster than any herbal or fasting protocols, with little or no stress to the patient."  Simply remove shoes and socks and soak your feet in the warm water while positive and negative ions penetrate through the skin and attract metabolic wastes and heavy metals.  This bath is painless and relaxing and most people feel a sens of lightness and rejuventation after the 30 minute cycle.  You will see the water turn from clear to cloudy and rust colored as the toxins in the water and your body are removed.