MRT Testing & Hair Mineral Analysis

MRT Testing

Dr. Carver is now a prescribing provider for this very specific food allergy testing. Previous tests like skin testing and IgE and IgG testing only test for 2 of 4 inflammatory pathways. MRT tests all four pathways of reactions to food and common chemicals to determine if underlying food allergies may be causing health problems.


Why is it that blood tests show normal results but you may still feel badly? Only you know your body and it is important to listen to its clues.  If you feel badly then something must be wrong.  Do NOT ignore signs and symptoms that your body is not working optimally.  I have searched for years for a way to better assess the nutrient status of the body and finally came across hair mineral analysis.  Since your blood needs to maintain a certain pH balance, it will shuttle chemicals, heavy metals and toxins out of the blood and into the tissues where they can manifest as disease but can not be detected in the blood.  Your small hair sample can assess your stress levels, thyroid and adrenal health, blood sugar metabolism, heavy metal burdens, your mineral levels of calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and many others that are crucial for good health.  With the knowledge of your imbalances you can reset your system by taking the appropriate supplements for you at this time of your life.  A multivitamin may have the wrong balance of nutrients for you or could be lacking in the actual minerals that you need. This is why many doctors say that multivitamins are not worth it.  They may not understand the complex relationships between vitamins and minerals.  I have had incredible success with nutritional balancing.  We are all individuals going through unique experiences at any given time.  It is important to give our body what it needs at each moment to prevent long lasting and debilitating disease.  Ask Dr. Carver for a kit and learn what nutrient deficiencies may be keeping you from optimal health.