Fiber Reinforced Bridge

When a tooth is missing or needs to be removed there are several options for replacement.  The most conservative option is to have a flipper made.  This is a removable device with a tooth attached that covers the palate for an upper tooth or sits on the ridge for a lower tooth.  Many people do not like the removable aspect or the fact that it covers a large portion of the mouth.  An implant is the best option since it does not require manipulation of the adjacent teeth, however it is a long process and can be expensive.  A fixed bridge is another viable option that requires removing tooth structure from the teeth adjacent to the space in order to fit crowns over them.  This is a good option but can be expensive.  I have found another option that works especially well for front teeth.  Instead of removing large amounts of tooth structure from the adjacent teeth, I remove a small slot on the back side of the teeth and fit a small fiber across the space.  I then build up a tooth from resin material and bond it to the fiber.  This is a conservative fixed bridge which works very well.