We use KOR whitening technology which consists of a one hour in office whitening session, as well as customized trays to perform whitening at home. Sensitivity can accompany whitening but can be reduced by following treatment with a fluoride rinse and is only temporary.  There is NO evidence that bleaching causes long term detrimental effects to the teeth.  Depending on home care, bleaching can last for years.  KOR whitening is unique in that the whitening agent is kept cold at all times.  This prevents degradation of the product and provides superior results to any other system on the market.  Previously, tetracycline stained and calicfied teeth could only be treated with veneers or crowns however KOR whitening can achieve excellent results without the need to remove any tooth structure.  We have done both types of cases in our office with fantastic results. Please visit the Kor Whitening website to learn more!